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Spring Semester


  • Thermodynamics 1 (for Junior)

       열역학1 (3학년)

  • Engineering Mathematics 1 (for Sophomore)

      공업수학1 (2학년)

  • Organic Synthesis Experiment (for Sophomore)

       유기합성실험 (2학년)

  • Advanced Numerical Analysis in Chemical Engineering (for Graduate Courses)

       화공수치해석특론 (대학원)

Fall Semester


  • Chemical Reaction Engineering (for Junior)

       화학반응공학 (3학년)

  • Basics of Computing Science in Engineering (for Freshman)

       공학전산응용 (1학년)

  • Experiments in Analytical Chemistry (For Sophomore)

       분석화학실험 (2학년)

  • Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering (for Graduate)

       반응공학특론 (대학원)

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