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Prof. Jaehyun Hur

Associate Professor

Rm 414-B, Engineering Building 2

Gachon University, 1342, Seongnam-daero, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

[Contact Information]

[Professional Careers]

  • Department Head, Department of Chemical, Biological, and Battery Engineering, Gachon University (Mar 2024 - Present)

  • Associate Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Gachon University (Oct. 2019 - Present)

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Gachon University (Mar. 2014 - Oct. 2019)

  • Research Scientist, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT), Republic of Korea (Nov. 2008 - Feb. 2014)


  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Purdue University, USA (Sep. 2003 - Aug. 2008)

      - Advisor: Prof. You-Yeon Won

      - Thesis: "Self and Guided Assembly of Colloids at Air-Water and Substrate-Water Interfaces"

  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, Seoul National University (Mar. 1996 - Feb. 2000)

[Research Interests]

  • Electrochemical energy storage devices (Lithium/Sodium ion batteries, Aqueous rechargeable batteries, Supercapacitors)

  • Photodetectors (UV sensors)

  • Photocatalysts (Recyclable, Floatable)

  • Filters for paticulate matters

  • Organic electronics (organic field-effect-transistors (OFET), organic photovoltaics (OPV))

  • Smart materials (Self-healable materials, Hydrogels)


  • Gachon Research Award (the most cited paper award) in 2022 (May 2023)

  • Researcher of the 1st quarter at Gachon University (June 2021)

  • Gachon Research Award in 2021 (May 2022)

  • Gachon Research Award in 2020 (May 2021)

  • Outstanding reviewer (top 30 outstanding reviewers for J. Mater. Chem. A in 2019) for the Journal of Materials Chemistry A (Mar 2020)

  • Young Research Award at Gachon University (May 2016)

  • Finalist for the Journal of Material Science Robert W. Cahn Best Paper Prize (the “Cahn Prize” sponsored by Materials Research Society (MRS)) (Oct 2014)

  • Doh Won Suk Memorial Award by Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers (KICHE) US Chapter, (Nov. 2006)


  • Member of the Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers (Materials section, 2014 - Present)

  • Guest editors in Nanomaterials (2021 - 2022, 2023 - Present)

  • Visiting professors at Purdue University (2022)

  • Member of the National Research Facilities & Equipment Center (NFEC) (2024 - Present)

  • Panel of judges in NEP, NET, and Disaster Safety (2016 - Present) 

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