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A Novel Photocatalyst Composite of Magnesium Aminoclay and TiO2 Immobilized into Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) Matrix for Pollutant Removal

T. N. Nguyen, V. V. Tran, V. K. H. Bui, M. Kim, D. Park, J. Hur, H. U. Lee, S. Ko, Y. -C. Lee

J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol. (IF: 1.134, Rank: 77.4%), 20, 6844, 2020 (2020/11))

​사사: N/A


AlGaN/GaN heterojunction hydrogen sensor using ZnO-nanoparticles/Pd dual catalyst layer 

J. -H. Choi, T. Park, J. Hur*, H. -Y. Cha* 

Sens. Actuators B Chem. (IF: 7.100, Rank: 3.1%), 325, 128946, 2020 (†: equal contribution, 2020/12)

​사사: N/A


Efficient TiC–C hybrid conductive matrix for ZnTe anode in Lithium-ion storage 

Q. H. Nguyen*, Q. H. Nguyen, S. So, J. Hur* 

Appl. Surf. Sci. (IF: 6.182, Rank: 4.8%), 534, 147679, 2020 (†: equal contribution, 2020/12)

​사사: 연구재단, 에너지양성


Composite of nanoscrystalline celluose with tin dioxide as lightweight substrates for high-performance lithium-ion battery

A. N. Tran, I. T. Kim, J. Hur, J. H. Kim, H.W. Choi, S. J. Park* 

Korean J. Chem. Eng. (IF: 2.476, Rank: 40.6%), 37, 898, 2020 (2020/5)

​사사: N/A


Novel hybrid binder mixture tailored to enhance the electrochemical performance of SbTe bi-metallic anode for sodium ion batteries 

V. M. Nagulapati, J. H. Lee*, H. S. Kim, J. Oh, I. T. Kim, J. Hur*, S. G. Lee* 

J. Electroanal. Chem. (IF: 3.218, Rank: 22.6%), 865, 114160, 2020 (2020/5)

​사사: N/A


Mechanochemical synthesis of InP nanoparticles embedded in hybrid conductive matrix for high-performance lithium-ion batteries 

Q. H. Nguyen, S. So, Q. H. Nguyen, I. T. Kim*, J. Hur*

Chem. Eng. J. (IF: 10.652, Rank: 2.8%), 399, 125826, 2020 (†: equal contribution, 2020/11)

​사사: 연구재단, 코어


Facile two-step synthesis of innovative anode design from tin-aminoclay (SnAC) and rGO for Li-ion batteries  batteries 

T. N. Pham, J. Ko, S. So, V. K. H. Bui, H. U. Lee, J. Hur*, Y. -C. Lee*

Appl. Surf. Sci. (IF: 6.182, Rank: 4.8%), 532, 147435, 2020 (†: equal contribution, 2020/12)

​사사: N/A


One-pot decoration of cupric oxide on activated carbon fibers mediated by polydopamine for the bacterial growth inhibition 

H. Moon, Y. -C. Lee*, J. Hur* 

Materials (IF: 2.972, Rank: 34.8%), 13, 1158, 2020 (2020/3)

​사사: 에너지양성, 코어


ZnO/conducting polymer bilayer film fabricated by a sequential spin-coating process for enhanced UV sensing performance   

T. Park, H. W. Choi, J. Hur* 

Korean J. Chem. Eng. (IF: 2.690, Rank: 42.7%), 37, 1616-1622, 2020 (2020/9)

​사사: 에너지양성, 한전


Synergistic effect of antimony-triselenide on addition of conductive hybrid matrix for high-performance lithium-ion batteries  

D. S. Kim, J. Bae, S. H. Kwon, J. Hur, S. G. Lee*, Il T. Kim* 

J. Alloys Comp. (IF: 4.650, Rank: 10.1%), 828, 154410, 2020 (2020/7)

​사사: N/A


High-performance ultraviolet photodetector based on a zinc oxide nanoparticle@single-walled carbon nanotube heterojunction hybrid film  

M. Choi , T. Park, W. Kim*, J. Hur* 

Nanomaterials (IF: 4.034, Rank: 24.2%), 10, 395, 2020 (†: equal contribution, 2020/2)

​사사: 에너지양성, 한전


Rapid and mass-producible synthesis of high-crystallinity MoSe2 nanosheets by ampoule-loaded chemical vapor deposition    

N. Liu, W. Choi, H. Kim, C. Jung, J. Kim, S. H. Choo, Y, Kwon, B, S. An, S. Hong, C. W. Yang*, J. Hur*, S, Kim* 

Nanoscale (IF 6.970, Rank: 12.2%),12, 6991-6999, 2020 (2020/4, Cover page in issue 13, 2020)

​사사: N/A


Enabling high performance calcium-ion batteries from prussian blue and metal-organic compound materials    

V. Thuan, J. Hur*, I. T. Kim* 

ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. (IF: 6.970, Rank: 6.5%), 8, 2596-2601, 2020 (2020/2)

​사사: N/A


Enhanced lithium ion storage by titanium dioxide addition to zinc telluride-based alloy composites

Q. H. Nguyen, S. So, J. Hur*

J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol. (IF: 1.134, Rank: 77.4%), 20(11), 6815-6820, 2020 (2020/11)

​사사: 에너지양성, 한전


Comparative analysis of two-dimensional materials in a graphite matrix as anode materials for sodium-ion batteries 

N. Q. Hai , N. Q. Hanh , J. Hur*

J. Nanosci. Nanotechnol. (IF: 1.134, Rank: 77.4%), 20(9), 5588-5593, 2020 (†: equal contribution, 2020/9)

​사사: 에너지양성, 한전


High-performance ZnTe-TiO2-C nanocomposite with half-cell and full-cell applications as promising anode material for Li-ion batteries

Q. H. Nguyen , N. Q. Hai , J. Hur*

Appl. Surf. Sci. (IF: 6.182, Rank: 4.8%), 509, 144718, 2020 (†: equal contribution, 2020/4)

​사사: 에너지양성, 한전


Few-layer NbSe2@graphene 2D heterostructures as promising anodes in lithium-ion half- and full-cell batteries 

Q. H. Nguyen, H. Kim, I. T. Kim, W. Choi*, J. Hur*

Chem. Eng. J. (IF: 10.652, Rank: 2.8%), 382, 122981, 2020 (2020/2)

​사사: 연구재단, 코어

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