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Field-effect transistors based on organic and carbon-based materials for chemical and biological sensors  

J. Bae, I. T. Kim, J. Hur*

Curr. Org. Chem., 19, 1176-1190, 2014


Cylindrical inverted hybrid photovoltaic devices for efficient charge carriers separation

J. Hur, K. Im, S. Hwang, J. J. Park, N. Park*

Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., 53, 05HB01, 2014


A sub 6 nanometer plasmonic gold nanoparticle for pH-responsive near-infrared photothermal cancer therapy

S. Hwang, J. Nam, J. Song, S. Jung, J. Hur, K. Im, N. Park*, S. Kim*

New J. Chem., 38, 918-922, 2014


Polypyrrole/agarose-based electronically conductive and reversibly restorable hydrogel

J. Hur, K. Im, S. W. Kim, J. Kim, D. -Y. Jeong, T. -H. Kim, K. Ho Jo, J. H. Hahn, Z. Bao, S. Hwang, N. Park*

ACS Nano, 8, 10, 10066-10076, 2014


Fabrication of two-dimensional zinc oxide patterns and their application for optical diffraction grating effect

U. J. Kim, S. I. Kim, S. Hwang, J. Hur*

J. Mater. Sci., 49, 8328-8334, 2014


Synthesis and electrochemical performance of reduced graphene oxide/AlPO4-coated LiMn1.5Ni0.5O4 for lithium-ion batteries

J. Hur, I. T. Kim*

Bull. Korean Chem. Soc., 35(12), 3553-3558, 2014


High performance sensors using graphene based organic-inorganic hybrids

O. S. Kwon , J. Hur , D. Koh, J. Bae*

Curr. Org. Chem., 18, 2415-2429, 2014 (†: equal contribution) 



DNA hydrogel-based supercapacitors operating in physiological fluids

J. Hur, K. Im, S. Hwang, B. Choi, S. Kim, S. Hwang, N. Park*, K. Kim

Sci. Rep., 3, 1282, 2013


Theragnostic pH-sensitive gold nanoparticles for the selective surface enhanced Raman scattering and photothermal cancer therapy

S. Jung , J. Nam, S. Hwang, J. Park, J. Hur, K. Im, N. Park*, S. Kim*

Anal. Chem., 85(16), 7674-7681, 2013


Restacking-inhibited 3D reduced graphene oxide for high performance supercapacitor electrodes

J. Lee, H., N. Park, B. G. Kim, D. S. Jung, K. Im, J. Hur*, J. W. Choi*

ACS Nano, 7(10), 9366-9374, 2013


Enhancement of integrity of graphene transferred by interface energy modulation

U. Kim, J. Hur, S. Cheon, D.-Y. Chung, H. Son, Y. Park, Y.-G. Roh, J. Kim, J. Lee, S. W. Kim*

Carbon, 65, 165-174, 2013


Robust analysis of synthetic label-free DNA junctions in solution by X-ray scattering and molecular simulation

K. Im, D. Jeong, J. Hur, S.-J. Kim, S. Hwang, K. S. Jin*, N. Park*, K. Kim

Sci. Rep., 3: 3226, 2013


DNA hydrogel templated carbon nanotube and polyaniline assembly and its applications for electrochemical energy storage devices

J. Hur, K. Im, S. W. Kim, U. J. Kim, J. Lee, S. Hwang, J. Song, S. Kim, S. Hwang, N. Park*

J. Mater. Chem. A, 1(46), 14460-14466, 2013



Highly crystalline soluble acene crystal arrays for organic transistors: mechanism of crystal growth during dip‐coating

J. Jang, S. Nam, K. Im, J. Hur, S. N. Cha, J. Kim, H. B. Son, H. Suh, M. A. Loth, J. E. Anthony, J, -J, Park, C. E. Park*, J. M. Kim*, K. Kim

Adv. Funct. Mater., 22(5), 1005-1014, 2012


Immobilization of gold nanoparticles on poly (methyl methacrylate) electrospun fibers exhibiting solid‐state surface plasmon effect

N. D. Luong, J. Oh, Y. Lee, J. H. Yeon, J. Hur, J. J. Park, J. M. Kim, J. D. Nam*

Surf. Interface Anal., 44(3), 318-321, 2012


Metal ion-induced dual fluorescent change for aza-crown ether acridinedione-functionalized gold nanorods and quantum dots

R. Velu, N. Won, J. Kwag, S. Jung, J. Hur, S. Kim*, N. Park*

New J. Chem., 36(9), 1725-1728, 2012


Unique photothermal response and sustained photothermal effect of pH‐responsive gold‐nanoparticle aggregates

J. Nam, H. Nam, S. Jung, S. Hwang, T. Wang, J. Hur, K. Im, N. Park, K. H. Kim, S. Kim*

ChemPhysChem, 13(18), 4105-4109, 2012



Self-assembled tetramethylbenzidine conductive nanofibers synchronized with gold nanoparticle formation

N. D. Luong, J. Oh, Y. Lee, J. Huh, J. J. Park, J. M. Kim, J.-D. Nam*

Appl. Surf. Sci., 257(8), 3233-3235, 2011


Strong polyelectrolyte quantum dot surface for stable bioconjugation and layer-by-layer assembly applications

H. Jin, J. Nam, J. Park, S. Jung, K. Im, J. Hur, J.-J. Park, J.-M. Kim, S. Kim*

Chem. Comm., 47(6), 1758-1760, 2011


Ordered zigzag stripes of polymer gel/metal nanoparticle composites for highly stretchable conductive electrodes

D. C. Hyun, M. Park, C. Park, B. Kim, Y. Xia, J. H. Hur, J. M. Kim, J. J. Park, U. Jeong*

Adv. Mater., 23(26), 2946-2950, 2011


High performance foldable polymer thin film transistors with a side gate architecture

S. W. Lee, B. S. Kim, J. J. Park, J. H. Hur, J. M. Kim, T. Sekitani, T. Someya, U. Jeong*

J. Mater. Chem., 21(46), 18804-18809, 2011



Periodic array of polyelectrolyte-gated organic transistors from electrospun poly (3-hexylthiophene) nanofibers

S. W. Lee, H. J. Lee, J. H. Choi, W. G. Koh, J. M. Myoung, J. H. Hur, J. J. Park, J. H. Cho, U. Jeong*

Nano Lett., 10(1), 347-351, 2010


Crystallization of bidisperse repulsive colloids in two-dimensional space: A Study of model systems constructed at the air−water interface

J. Hur,  N. A. Mahynski, Y.-Y. Won*

Langmuir, 26(14), 11737-11749, 2010


Pattern formation of silver nanoparticles in 1‐, 2‐, and 3-D microstructures fabricated by a photo‐and thermal reduction method

J. J. Park, X. Bulliard, J. M. Lee, J. Hur, K. Im, J. M. Kim, P. Prabhakaran, N. Cho, K. S. Lee, S. Y. Min*

Ad. Funct. Mater., 20(14), 2296-2302, 2010


Photopatternable quantum dots forming quasi-ordered arrays

J.-J. Park, P. Prabhakaran, K. K. Jang, Y. Lee, J. Lee, K. Lee, J. Hur, J.-M. Kim, N. Cho*, Y. Son*

Nano Lett., 10(7), 2310-2317, 2010


One-step preparation of strongly luminescent and highly loaded CdSe quantum dot−silica films

S. Jeong, J. Lee, J. Nam, K. Im, J. Hur, J.-J. Park, J.-M. Kim, B. Chon, T. Joo, S. Kim*

J. Phys. Chem. C, 114(34), 14362-14367, 2010


P3HT-PS blend nanofiber FET based on electrospinning

J. Hur, S.-N. Cha, K. Im, S. W. Lee, U. Jeong, J. Kim, J.-J. Park*

10th IEEE Int. Conf. Nanotechnol., art. no. 5697915 , 533-536, 2010



On the origins of the salt-concentration-dependent instability and lateral nanoscale heterogeneities of weak polyelectrolyte brushes: Gradient brush experiment and Flory-type theoretical analysis

J. Hur, K. N. Witte, W. Sun, Y.-Y. Won*

Langmuir, 26(3), 2021-2034, 2009



Fabrication of high-quality non-close-packed 2D colloid crystals by template-guided Langmuir–Blodgett particle deposition

J. Hur, Y.-Y. Won*

Soft Matter, 4(6), 1261-1269, 2008


Two-dimensional colloid crystals templated by polyelectrolyte multilayer patterns

J. Hur, Y.-Y. Won*

Langmuir, 24(10), 5382-5392, 2008


Evidence of lateral nanoscale heterogeneities in weak polyelectrolyte brushes

K. N. Witte , J. Hur , W. Sun, S. Kim, Y.-Y. Won

Macromolecules, 41(23), 8960-8963, 2008 (†: equal contribution)

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