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Rolling the dice with light competition: a bipolar photocurrent-based TRNG

T. Park, J. Seo, N. Kim, C. Kim, Y. J. Kim, H. Kim, H. H. Kim, S. Oh, D. C. Kim, J. Hur*, Y. -J. Kim*, B. J. Jang*, H. Yoo*


​사사: N/A


CaTiO3 protective layer on Zn anode for prominent aqueous Zn-ion batteries

G. Lee, Y. N. Ahn, S. So, J. -S. Bae, T. Park, I. T. Kim*, J. Hur*


​사사: 코어, 연구재단


Infrared Photodetectors: Recent Advances and Challenges toward Innovation for Image Sensing Applications

M. I. Saleem, A. K. K. Kyaw, J. Hur*


​사사: 코어, 연구재단


Facile synthesis of Ni-doped tetrahedral γ-Bi2O3 and selective photocatalytic degradation of Congo red under simulated sunlight

A. Jaison, H. U. Lee, J. Hur, A. Mohan*, Y. -C. Lee*


​사사: N/A


Polymer Tetra Benzimidazole Aluminum Phthalocyanine Complex with Carbon Nanotubes: A Promising Approach for Boosting Lithium-Ion Battery Anode Performance 

C. P. K. Prabhu, D R. Shilpa, J. Hur*


​사사: 코어, 연구재단


Rational design of germanium–copper based nanocomposite anodes for high-performance lithium-ion storage

J. H. Kim, Y. S. Mun, S. H. Jung, J. Hur*, I. T. Kim*

J. Alloys Compd. (IF: 6.371, Rank: 6.3%), 996, 1748806 (2024.08.25)

​사사: N/A


Mechanically robust and conductive Ti5Te4/P@C composite materials as promising lithium-ion battery anodes 

H.W. Yang, J.H. Yoo, J. Hur, Y.N .Ahn*, I.T. Kim*

J. Energy Storage (IF: 9.400, Rank: 9.2%), 2024, 996, 174806 

​사사: N/A


Indium(III) oxide/carbon nanotube composite anode with prominent cycling stability and kinetics for Li-ion batteries

M. Kim, C. Park, W. Jung*, J. Hur*

J. Alloys Compd. (IF: 6.371, Rank: 6.3%), Accepted

​사사: 전력반도체, 연구재단, 코어(장비사사)


Biologically Active Oxygen-Bridged Nickel (II) Tetra-4-(quinolin-8-yloxy)phthalocyanine for Docking Study with Human CHK1 Kinase, Carbonic Anhydrase II, and Butyrylcholinesterase

Shivalingayya , Chandrakala K. B., K. G. Shilpa , C. P. K. Prabhu* , J. Hur*


​사사: 코어, 연구재단


Recent Advances in pH and Redox Responsive Polymer Nanocomposites for Cancer Therapy

S. Gaddimath, S. Payamalle, C. P. K. Prabhu*, J. Hur*

J. Composite Sci. (IF: 3.300, Rank: 48.6%), 8(1), 28 (2024.01.11)

​사사: 코어, 연구재단


Versatile Papertronics: Photo-induced Synapse and Security Applications on Papers

W. M. Choi, J. Shin, Y. J. Kim, J. Hur, B. C. Jang*, H. Yoo*

Adv. Mater. (IF: 29.400, Rank: 2.3%), 2024, Accepted

​사사: N/A


Cobalt Benzimidazole Swapped Metal-Organic Macrocycle with Reduced Graphene Oxide as a Hybrid Electrocatalyst for Highly Efficient Oxygen Evolution Reaction

C. P. K. Prabhu*, K. R. Naveen, J. Hur*

RSC Appl. Interfaces, 1, 301-312 (2024.03.01)

​사사: 코어


Self-Powered Broadband Photodiodes: Exploiting Straddling Gap Junction of ZnGa2O4/p-Si for Efficient Light Detection from Ultraviolet to Near-Infrared

W. Choi, S. Kang, Y. J. Kim, J. Hur*, H. Yoo*


​사사: N/A


Acceptor-Donor-Acceptor based Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescent Emitters: Structural Property Insights and Electroluminescence Performances

C.P. K. Prabhu, K. R. Naveen, J. Hur*

Mater. Chem. Frontiers (IF: 7.000, Rank: 22.7%), 8, 769-784 (2024.02.07)

​사사: 코어, 디스플레이 인력양성


Overcoming Downscaling Limitations in Organic Semiconductors: Strategies and Progress

T. Park, M. Kim, E. K. Lee, J. Hur*, H. Yoo* 

Small (IF: 13.300, Rank: 6.9%), 20(9), 2306468 (2024.03.01)

​사사: N/A


Unleasing the Power of Quantum Dots: Emerging Appllcations from Deep-Ultraviolet Photodetectors for Brighter Futures

T. Park, D. H. Lee, J. Hur*, H. Yoo* 

Adv. Opt. Mater. (IF: 9.000, Rank: 10.0%), 12(11), 2302466 (2024.04.15)

​사사: 연구재단

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