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Superb Li-ion storage of Sn-based anode  assisted by conductive hybrid buffering matrix

J. Shin, S. Park*, J. Hur*

Nanomaterials (IF: 5.300, Rank: 23.9%), 13(20), 2757, 2023, Published date: 2023/10

​사사: 우수연구자, 코어


Semi-transparent deep-ultraviolet photodetectors based on sol–gel-synthesized MgTiO3 with a vertical architecture

K. Ko, T. Park, H. Yoo*, J. Hur* 

J. Alloys Compd. (IF: 6.371, Rank: 6.3%), 969, 172472, 2023, Publishing date: 2023/12

​사사: GL, 코어


Three-dimensional electrodes in hybrid electrolytes for high-loading and long-lasting calcium-ion batteries 

C. D. Anh, Y. J. Kim, T. N. Vo, D. Kim, J. Hur, H. Khani*, I. T. Kim* 

Chem. Eng. J. (IF: 16.744, Rank: 2.6%), 471, 144631, 2023, Published date: 2023/09

​사사: N/A


Highly conductive and robust telluride-carbon hybrid matrix for enhanced copper diphosphide anode in Li-ion batteries 

G. Lee, I. T. Kim*, J. Hur* 

J. Alloys Compd. (IF: 6.371, Rank: 6.3%), 950, 169914, 2023, Published date: 2023/07

​사사: 코어, 연구재단


Vertical asymmetric metal-semiconductor-metal photodiode based on β-Ga2O3 thin films fabricated via solution process for arc discharge detection

W. Choi, T. Park, H. Yoo*, J. Hur* 

J. Alloys Compd. (IF: 6.371, Rank: 6.3%), 953, 170169, 2023, Published date: 2023/08

​사사: 디스플레이 인력양성, GL


Green and sustainably designed intercalation-type anodes for emerging lithium dual-ion batteries with high energy density

T. T. Salunkhe, A. N. Kadam, J. Hur*, I. T. Kim* 

J. Energy Chem. (IF: 13.599, Rank: 1.4%), 80, 466-4778, 2023, Published date: 2023/05

​사사: N/A


Promoting Zn2+ migration through polar perovskite dielectric layer on Zn metal anode for the enhanced aqueous Zn-ion batteries

J. Ko, S. So, M. Kim, I. T. Kim, Y. N. Ahn*, J. Hur* 

Chem. Eng. J. (IF: 16.744, Rank: 2.6%), 462, 142308, Published date: 2023/04

​사사: GL, 연구재단


Electron-rich hybrid matrix to enhance molybdenum oxide-based anode performance for lithium-ion batteries  

J. Ko, S. So, I. T. Kim*, J. Hur* 

J. Colloid Interface Sci. (IF: 9.965, Rank: 19.6%), Published date: 2023/10

​사사: GL, 코어


Direct, simple, rapid, and real-time monitoring of UVB level in sunlight using a self-powered and flexible photodetector

M. H. Tran, J. Hur* 

EcoMat (IF: 12.213, Rank: 8.5%), 5(3), e12301, Published date: 2023/03

​사사: 코어, 연구재단


Ultra-stable calcium ion batteries with Prussian blue nanodisks

T. N. Vo, J. E. Kang, H. Lee, S. W. Lee, S. K. Ahn, J. Hur*, I. T. Kim* 

EcoMat (IF: 12.213, Rank: 8.5%), 5(2), e12285, Publishing date: 2023/02

​사사: N/A


Mathematical modeling of a direct urea fuel cell 

P. K. T. Nguyen, J. Kim, Y. S. Yoon, H. H. Yoon*, J. Hur* 

Int. J. Hydrogen Energy (IF: 7.139, Rank: 26.1%), 48(6), 2314-2327, Publishing date: 2023/01

​사사: N/A

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