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Room-temperature liquid-metal nanoparticle-coated Zn electrode for long life cycle aqueous rechargeable Zinc-ion batteries

W. G. Kidanu, H. Yang, S. Park, J. Hur*, I. T. Kim* 

Batteries (IF: 5.938,  Rank: 30.1%), 8(11), 208, 2022

​사사: N/A


Ga2Te3-based composite anodes for high-performance sodium-ion batteries

V. P. H. Huy, I. T. Kim*, J. Hur* 

Materials (IF: 3.748, Rank: 22.8%), 15, 6231, 2022

​사사: 코어, 디스플레이 인력양성


Tunable vanadium oxide microflowers as high-capacity cathode materials for aqueous rechargeable zinc-ion batteries W. G. Kidanu, Y. Lim, T. L. Nguyen, J. Hur*, I. T. Kim* 

ACS Appl. Energy Mater. (IF: 6.959, Rank: 24.9%), 5, 11, 14311-14322, 2022

​사사: N/A


Gallium telluride-based composite anode as a promising lithium storage material

V. P. H. Huy, I. T. Kim*, J. Hur* 

Nanomaterials (IF: 5.719, Rank: 23.0%), 12(19), 3362, 2022

​사사: GL, 코어


Uniform and Oriented Zinc Deposition Induced by Artificial Nb2O5 Layer for Highly 
Reversible Zn Anode in Aqueous Zinc Ion Batteries

S. So, Y. N. Ahn, J. Ko, I. T. Kim*, J. Hur* 

Energy Storage Mater. (IF: 20.831, Rank: 4.3%), 52, 40-51, 2022

​사사: 코어, 연구재단


High performance solution processed self-power operatable, semi-transparent UVC photodetector based on perovskite CaTiO3 / NiO heterojunction with effective device structure

S. Lee, T. Park, J. Hur*, H. Yoo* 

ACS Photonics (IF: 7.077, Rank: 12.9%), 9, 12, 4005-4016, 2022

​사사: N/A


Nanomaterials for ion battery applications (editorial) 

J. Hur* 

Nanomaterials (IF: 5.719, Rank: 23.0%), 12(13), 2292, 2022

​사사: 코어, 연구재단


Self-powered high-performance ultraviolet C photodetector based on poly(9-vinyl carbazole)/SnO2 quantum dot heterojunction

E. Park, T. Park, H. Yoo*, J. Hur* 

J. Alloys Comp. (IF: 6.371, Rank: 6.3%), 918, 165502, 2022

​사사: 코어


Gallium-indium-tin eutectic as a self-healing room-temperature liquid metal anode for high-capacity lithium-ion batteries

W. G. Kidanu, J. Hur*, I. T. Kim* 

Materials (IF: 3.748, Rank: 22.8%), 15(1), 168, 2022

​사사: N/A


Improved Response Characteristics of GaN-Based Hydrogen Sensor with SnO2 Nanoparticles 

W. Choi, T. Park, J. Hur, J. Kim*, H. Cha*

J. Korean Inst. Electromagn. Eng. Sci., 33(2), 92-97, 2022

​사사: N/A


Self-powered, Transparent, Flexible, and Solar-blind Deep-UV Detector Based on Surface-Modified TiO2 Nanoparticles

M. H. Tran, J. Bae, J. Hur* 

Appl. Surf. Sci. (IF: 7.392, Rank: 5.3%), 604, 154528, 2022

​사사: 코어, 나노팹


High capacity and inexpensive multivalent cathode materials for aqueous rechargeable Zn-ion battery fabricated via in situ electrochemical oxidation of VO2 nanorods

W. G. Kidanu, J. Hur, H. W. Choi, M. I. Kim*, I. T. Kim* 

J. Power Sources (IF: 9.794, Rank: 13.3%), 523, 231061, 2022

​사사: N/A


Facile, real-time identification of blood components with self-powered organic–inorganic heterostructure photodetectors

T. Park, D. Kim, B. Shin, J. Hur*, H. Yoo* 

Adv. Opt. Mater. (IF: 10.050, Rank: 8.9%), 10(7), 2102542, 2022

​사사: GL


Carbon-free hydrated cobalt vanadium oxide as a promising anode for lithium-ion batteries 

E. H. Park, S. So, J. Hur*

Appl. Surf. Sci. (IF: 7.392, Rank: 5.3%), 579, 152182, 2022

​사사: 코어, 에너지양성


Unraveling improved electrochemical kinetics of In2Te3-based anodes embedded in hybrid matrix for Li-ion batteries 

S. So, J. Ko, Y. N. Ahn, I. T. Kim*, J. Hur* 

Chem. Eng. J. (IF: 16.744, Rank: 2.6%), 429, 132395, 2022

​사사: 연구재단(Zn음극), 코어과제


Ultrahigh stability of wearable photodetector using zirconium metal-organic framework enabling in situ monitoring of ultraviolet radiation risk

M. H. Tran, J. Hur* 

Adv. Opt. Mater. (IF: 10.050, Rank: 8.9%), 10(1), 2101404, 2022

사사: 코어과제, 에너지인력양성

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