Self-powered high-performance ultraviolet C photodetector based on poly(9-vinyl carbazole)/SnO2 quantum dot heterojunction

E. Park, T. Park, H. Yoo*, J. H. Hur* 


​사사: 코어


Gallium-indium-tin eutectic as a self-healing room-temperature liquid metal anode for high-capacity lithium-ion batteries

W. G. Kidanu, J. H. Hur*, I. T. Kim* 

Materials (IF: 3.623, Rank: 21.3%), 15(1), 168, 2021, Publishing date: 2022/01

​사사: N/A


Opto-electrical identification of blood components by tin oxide quantum dot–fluorene copolymer self-powered heterojunction photodetectors

T. Park, D. Kim, B. Shim, J. Hur*, H. Yoo*

Accepted, Adv. Opt. Mater. (IF: 9.926, Rank: 7.1%)

​사사: GL과제

장비사사: O


Ultra-stable calcium ion batteries with Prussian blue nanodisks

T. N. Vo, J. E. Kang, H. Lee, S. W. Lee, S. K. Ahn, J. H. Hur*, I. T. Kim* 


​사사: N/A


Self-powered, Transparent, Flexible, and Solar-blind Deep-UV Detector Based on Surface-Modified TiO2 Nanoparticles

M. H. Tran, J. H. Hur* 


​사사: 코어, 나노팹


High capacity and inexpensive multivalent cathode materials for aqueous rechargeable Zn-ion battery fabricated via in situ electrochemical oxidation of VO2 nanorods

W. G. Kidanu, J. Hur, H. W. Choi, M. I. Kim*, I. T. Kim* 

Accepted, J. Power Sources (IF: 9.127, Rank: 11.4%)

​사사: N/A


Carbon-free hydrated cobalt vanadium oxide as a promising anode for lithium-ion batteries 

E. H. Park, S. So, J. Hur*

Appl. Surf. Sci. (IF: 6.707, Rank: 4.8%), 579, 152182, 2022, Publishing date: 2022/03

​사사: 코어, 에너지양성


Unraveling improved electrochemical kinetics of In2Te3-based anodes embedded in hybrid matrix for Li-ion batteries 

S. So, J. Ko, Y. N. Ahn, I. T. Kim*, J. Hur* 

Chem. Eng. J. (IF: 13.273, Rank: 2.8%), 429, 132395, Publishing date: 2022/02

​사사: 연구재단(Zn음극), 코어과제


Ultrahigh stability of wearable photodetector using zirconium metal-organic framework enabling in situ monitoring of ultraviolet radiation risk

M. H. Tran, J. Hur* 

Adv. Opt. Mater. (IF: 9.926, Rank: 7.1%), 10(1), 2101404, Publishing date: 2022/01

​사사: 코어, 에너지양성